Medical Software with Advanced Technology
for Joint Surgery

Corporate Policy

Surgical planning in 3D makes safe and accurate operation possible.
We strive to provide improvement in performance of surgeons and QOL of patients.

Software for On-Premise UseZedView

  • Packaged software for on-premise use
  • Yearly license available for each module upon user’s need
  • More than 35,000 3D templating data covering major implants available

Post-Operative Assessment

Planning Service for Individual CaseZedPlanning

  • Planning service for pay by order
  • No initial fee, no software purchase needed
  • Only final tune-up required to surgeon

Pre-Operative Planning Support

Post-Operative Assessment

Product History:
33rd Year in the Industry in 2021

Jul 1988Established as LEXI Data Co., Ltd.
Sep 2000Released ZedView.
Jan 2009Released ZedHip.
Mar 2014Obtained first US FDA 510(k) clearance for ZedView.
Sep 2014Obtained ISO 13485 certification for the quality system, and European CE mark certification for ZedView.
Sep 2015Obtained Japanese medical device certification for ZedView.
Nov 2018Received first TGA approval through local medical company in Australia.
May 2021Obtained US FDA 510(k) clearance for ZedView Ver.14.
May 2021Received second TGA approval through local medical company in Australia.