ZedView2.5D (Hip/Knee/Trauma)


Zed View 2.5D (Hip, Knee & Trauma) is software that overlays 3D model on X-ray image for supporting THA, TKA and UKA templating and trauma treatment templating.
Implants are displayed on X-ray image, and the size and position can be adjusted. Furthermore, the implants can be rotated and translated 3-dimensionally.

For hip templating, impingement simulation between acetabural and femoral components can be calculated.
For knee templating, planning in coronal plane and sagittal plane are available.


Database of Patient Records

User can import CR data in DICOM format into a database application.
Patient information (such as name, sex, date of birth, etc.) can be managed uniformly.
Furthermore, this database application can be used as simple DICOM viewer to view the images.


At the start of templating, calibration can be done by marking sphere or scale tool positioned close to templating area in X-ray image.

This operation achieves optimal results on magnification and corrects the scale of the image during templating in 2D.

Positioning of Implants

Implants can be placed at optimal positions on 3D model on CR image in a few steps.

Calculation of Parameters

The change in alignment before and after repositioning is automatically calculated, and the bone resection position, bone cut amount, and implant positioning angle can be visually and quantitatively confirmed.

ROM Simulation (for Hip)

During ROM (Range Of Motion) simulation, the position of impingement between components can be checked in 3D, and a red mark is displayed at the point of impingement.

Repositioning Simulation

Placed components can be displayed in repositioned status.