JIGEN is 3D pre-operative planning software for TKA (total knee arthroplasty).

JIGEN can create 3D models of the bone using CT data.
User can perform surgical simulations (such as positioning of implants, calculation of parameters, etc.) in simple steps.
Furthermore, JIGEN can calculate the positions of IM (intra-medullary) rod and surgical jig.

In summary, JIGEN can carry out a pre-operative planning with high accuracy in about 15 minutes.


Database of patient records

User can import CT data (in DICOM format) into a database application.
Patient information (such as name, sex, date of birth, etc.) can be managed uniformly.

Positioning of implants

User can select femoral and tibial components from a library of implant makers.
Implants can be placed at optimal positions on 3D model and MPR (multi-planar reconstruction) images.

Calculation of parameters

JIGEN can calculate parameters (such as flexion, rotation, resection amount, etc.) using reference points and coordinate axes.
Results can be used intra-operatively to perform surgery accurately.

IM rod and jig simulations

JIGEN can calculate the positions of IM rod and surgical jig.
In conjunction with surgical jig, the accuracy of surgery is comparable to that of navigation system.

Surgical jig

* Manufactured by ArthroDesign.Ltd.

  • Operations with higher precision than those using conventional navigation systems
  • No bulky electronic equipment in your operating room
  • No complicated registration work as the conventional navigation systems which entail invasive tracker pins


Brochure (PDF format)


System Requirements

OS Windows 10 version 1809 or later
CPU Intel Core i5-4670, i7-4770 or higher
(CPU clock rated 3GHz, quad core or higher recommended)
RAM 16 GB memory
Disk Space 10 GB or more for program installation, 1TB or more for project data storage
Monitor Resolution 1920*1080
Graphic board NVIDIA Quadro P3200 or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 or higher
(with 3GB or more video memory is recommended)
Communication Port 1947
  • ZedView uses Sentinel HASP (SafeNet/Gemalto), to provide software license keys for all ZedView modules. The Sentinel HASP driver uses communications port 1947 on your computer.

Conditions for CT image

Range From femoral head to ankle
Data format DICOM
Slice direction Axial
Slice pitch 2mm or less (recommended)
FOV Value for the entire lower limb
Gantry Tilt 0 degree

Installation cost

Please contact us for details.